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Tackle workplace absenteeism today

If your workplace is being affected by worker absences on a regular basis, speak to the team at Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd, Pontefract. We can help you find out if your employees are being honest about sickness and other types of workplace absence.

Nip dishonest workplace absenteeism in the bud

Many of us are guilty of pulling the odd ‘sickie’ but frequent absenteeism can massively impact UK businesses. From having to shell out sick pay, to arranging cover at an additional cost, frequent and excessive worker absenteeism can cost businesses thousands, and at Hindsight Covert Solutions we’re here to help.

Through a variety of investigative techniques, we can monitor suspected employees, and report back to you with our evidence. Our dedicated experts can help you separate genuine workplace leave from those who are abusing the system.

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Discreet and professional services

We appreciate that there are many legitimate reasons to be off from work, including sickness, family matters and bereavement. Our work ensures that we uncover the information you need, whilst operating confidentially and ethically.


Our teams may use a variety of techniques, including photo/video surveillance, polygraph testing and witness statements. All information gathering is non-intrusive, and ensures human rights (such as those concerning a private life) are not infringed.

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If you suspect any of the below, get in touch

Falsified sick leave

Employee moonlighting (working for another business)

Conflict of interest (e.g. working for a direct competitor)

Fake emergencies (e.g. sick relative or childcare needs)

Fake or exaggerated injuries (we also support insurance investigations)

Discuss our covert workplace services today. Contact our team in Pontefract on 01977 650141, or email us at

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