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Enjoy total piece of mind, with our full background checks

Specialising in tailored identity confirmation services for business, Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd works with organisations in Pontefract and throughout the UK. Discuss your needs with our dedicated team today.

Is the person you’re interviewing really who they say they are?

So you’ve found a fantastic candidate: several references, experience, and all the essential qualifications and licences. But can you be sure it’s all genuine? In the modern world, it’s become more of a challenge to confirm someone really is who they say they are. From criminal history to the legitimacy of references, you want to be totally sure that you’re hiring people who are completely honest about their past.

Based in Pontefract, Hindsight Covert Solutions offers businesses a complete background checking service, allowing you to be sure that references are legitimate, there’s no hidden history you need to be aware of, and so much more. We bring over 25 years of experience, and all of our investigators are fully licensed to conduct a range of investigative techniques.

When combined with our polygraph tests, you can have total confidence, knowing that the people you will have working for you are the right people for the job.

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Ensure you’re hiring genuine, honest people

Our services give businesses and organisations total peace of mind, and help them choose people they can trust. Our checks also help you comply with UK safeguarding, employment and health and safety legislation.


While most of our work is with commercial clients, we are happy to work with private clients who have concerns that an individual (e.g. a partner) isn’t being completely honest about who they really are.

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Our tailored background checks cover:

Identity confirmation

Address verification

Criminal record checks

Immigration status/right to work

Provided references/sponsors

DBS checks (especially important if the individual will be working around children, vulnerable people and/or sensitive data)

Industry-specific licence and accreditation checks

Arrange background checks with our team and enjoy complete peace of mind. Call us in Pontefract on 01977 650141, or email us at

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