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Security cameras at an office building in Barcelona



Trusted experts in physical penetration testing

Is your premises as secure as it can be? Count on the team at Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd to assess your site, and provide genuine, honest feedback and support. Speak to our Pontefract-based team today.

But what is physical penetration testing?

Physical penetration testing is a technique that is used to assess a business or organisation’s security. From testing staff on access procedures to attempting physical entry, it is the perfect opportunity to ensure your business is safeguarded against a range of threats, from GDPR breaches to physical thefts.


At Hindsight Covert Solutions, we conduct thorough research and reconnaissance before the test, which may include open source intelligence (e.g. Google Maps data and social media posts), physical reconnaissance (attending the site covertly) and observations. We do this to plan an ‘attack’ on your business (rest assured knowing this is a mock exercise, and no actual theft or assault will take place).


Once we have conducted our exercise, we will provide detailed feedback which will show you what is working effectively, and what you can do to improve your security or compliance.

security gates, closed

Who might benefit?

If your business handles sensitive information, valuable goods, or is a location which houses controlled substances and contraband for local police services, our services are exceptionally valuable to you.


Even if you do not operate under these circumstances, our services can still provide value. We help many companies looking to reduce their insurance premiums, those with a ‘culture of theft’ that they want to nip in the bud, and even those simply wanting to see if their site is as secure as it can be.


No matter your reasoning, Hindsight Covert Solutions is a name that you can trust. Our team brings over 25 years’ industry expertise, is fully insured, and are committed to providing the support you need to stay secure. We can also help you hire the right people with our background check services, further enhancing your security and compliance.

chain link fence around office complex
security shutters at an industrial site
Turnstiles in building lobby
Close up of padlock on storage unit door

Our experts can help stress-test and assess

Internal workplace security procedures

Counter-terrorism plans

GDPR procedures

Crime prevention activities

Site security (camera coverage, access badge use etc.)

Make Hindsight Covert Solutions your first choice in physical penetration testing. Contact us on 01977 650141, or send an email to

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