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Trusted experts in insurance investigations

Are you concerned about a recent claim? Do you suspect that an injury is being exaggerated to maximise the settlement? Speak to the experts at Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd, Pontefract’s go-to specialists for insurance investigations.

Prevent fraudulent claims and keep premiums down

We may not want to acknowledge it, but fraudulent personal injury claims affect us all. False claims bump up insurance premiums across the industry, which can lead to increased costs for your business. Hindsight Covert Solutions is here to help reduce the number of false claims that make it through the system, and help you to reduce the number of payments you make out.

Established in 2011, we support insurance firms and other organisations across the UK, by investigating suspicious claims and reporting back on our findings. We have helped countless clients save money on claim pay-outs, and prevented fraudsters from making ‘easy money’.

Insurance coverage document and reading glasses

Years of investigative experience

The team at Hindsight Covert Solutions has more than 25 years’ industry experience in investigative services, including fraud prevention. All of our experts ae fully licensed, follow GDPR guidance, and are Information Commissioners Office, Association of British Investigators and World Association of Professional Investigators accredited.


No matter the case, you can count on us to act effectively and ethically.

Insurance coverage document and rubber stamp
Home Filing Cabinet with various insurance tabs
Certificate of motor insurance and policy schedule with car key
employers liability insurance document

We support companies investigating:

Personal injury claims

Workplace accidents

Accidents involving customers/visitors

Off-site accidents (e.g. involving company vehicles)

Concerned about a suspicious insurance claim? Speak to our Pontefract-based team on 01977 650141, or email us at

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