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Specialised GPS tracking services

Follow the movement of vehicles and individuals with the help of Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd. Based in Pontefract we provide a UK-wide service. Get in touch to discuss your tracking needs

24-hour tracking of any vehicle

Vehicle tracking is an inexpensive way to monitor an individual’s movements. At Hindsight Covert Solutions, we use the latest vehicle trackers and monitoring equipment, allowing us to follow a vehicle with incredible accuracy, and provide a detailed map of the vehicle’s movements over a period of time (depending on your needs).

All tracking services are fully compliant with UK law, and do not require us to otherwise interfere with a vehicle (e.g. breaking in, or hardwiring a tracker). It is available as a standalone service, but can also form part of a wider investigation, such as a matrimonial case.

Autonomous cars on a road with visible radar waves

Why might I need to track a vehicle?

There are a number of reasons you may need to track an individual’s vehicle, the most obvious being theft prevention and recovery. If it is a vehicle you really care about, accurate tracking can greatly increase the likelihood of getting it back when it is stolen, and can help the police bring thieves to justice.


We can also help track a partner when they use your vehicle, if you suspect that they are seeing someone else.


Our tracking services have a number of commercial uses, including monitoring company car use, delivery routes, and if you suspect an employee is meeting or working with a competitor.


Regardless of the reason why you need tracking, you can count on Hindsight Covert Solutions to provide a discreet, professional and accurate service.

Jaguar XJR and Audi A8 on the road
Heavy traffic moving at speed on the M6 motorway in England
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Parking garage, interior with a few parked cars

The benefits of our GPS services:

Covertly track any vehicle

Accurate GPS signalling

Discreet devices which are hard to spot

Devices can easily be moved from one vehicle to another

No need to acquire the target vehicle’s keys

Flexible tracking arrangements

To arrange our GPS tracking services call 01977 650141, or email the team at

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