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Polygraph Needle And Drawing



Discover the answers you need, with Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd

Based in Pontefract, we offer polygraph testing to businesses up and down the UK. Discover how this technique can help you get the answers your business deserves.

What is a polygraph?

Polygraph testing – often called the ‘lie detector test’ - is one of many tools used to determine if someone is telling the truth. Using dedicated equipment and a series of yes/no questions, it measures the body’s response to questioning.


It looks out for things such as elevated heart rate, pulse changes, breathing rates and skin conductivity, which can all be indicators of someone lying. Whilst it is not 100% accurate, and cannot be used as evidence in court, it can give a good indication on whether or not an individual is being completely honest with you.


It is also a useful tool for some industries when it comes to the hiring process. Many business which handle highly sensitive or high-security information (e.g. banking, government services) include polygraph testing as part of the employment journey.

polygraph test result - passed

Unearth the truth with our support

Hindsight Covert Solutions brings decades of experience and a commitment to supporting UK businesses. We only use fully certified and experienced specialists to conduct testing, ensuring that your polygraph results are as accurate as they can be.

Polygraph testing can be booked as a standalone service, or included as part of a larger investigation, be that a case of fraud, identity, or workplace absenteeism.

An employee undergoes regular polygraph or lie detection testing
Placing equipment for interrogation of a man with lie detector test
Close-Up View Of Lie Detector machine
An office worker tested with a polygraph

Our polygraph testing services can help you with:

Workplace theft cases


Workplace absenteeism

Dispute resolution

See if polygraph testing is suitable for your investigations. Contact our team in Pontefract on
01977 650141, or email us at

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