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Choose our tracing agents today

Are your struggling to find someone you know? If you feel that you’ve exhausted all other options, speak to the team at Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd. Based in Pontefract, we have helps individuals, families and businesses across the UK find people they need to contact.

Trusted experts in locating individuals

Finding someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time, have never met, or someone who doesn’t want to be found, can be a huge challenge. Hindsight Covert Solutions is here to help you on your journey, and make contact with these individuals.


Whether it’s birth parents you have never had the opportunity to meet, or you want to track down a customer who hasn’t paid for goods or services, Hindsight Covert Solutions is a name that you can count on.


Our in-house tracing agents have decades of experience in tracing, tracking and locating individuals in the UK and abroad. Our goal is to get you in contact with these individuals, so you can find answers, closure, or both.

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Traditional and modern solutions

At Hindsight Covert Solutions we use a variety of techniques and tools to help people locate individuals. Our specialists will check online and social media results, attend registry offices, access publicly available records, and consult with agents overseas (if we suspect the individual is now abroad), with the goal of resolving your case as soon as possible.

Each case is different, and we will use all the tools available that are appropriate to your case. We also draw on over 25 years of industry experience and a wide network of connections to help you find those you are looking for.

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Binder and Files

We are the experts in tracing:

Lost family

Birth parents

Heirs (where no direct heir is known)


Defendants in civil/criminal cases

Need help to locate someone? Contact our team in Pontefract on 01977 650141, or send an email to

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