Skilled Covert Surveillance by Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd

Covert Surveillance in Wakefield, Doncaster, Bradford and The Rest of The UK

Surveillance is a skilled art where aptitude and practical application are imperative. The accessibility of the internet and it’s many associated articles has heightened the awareness of the practice meaning our operators must meet the highest professional standards from the outset.

We select our operators from a variety of specialist Military, Police and Security Service departments, all of whom have a wealth of experience and expertise in the art of covert surveillance and surveillance evidence gathering.

We can deploy nationally or internationally for tasks varying from short one day tasks involving one or two operators to long term operations involving several operators and multiple teams.

We only use professional High Deļ¬nition law grade video evidence gathering equipment, which means our evidence is of the highest professional standard. From our camera equipment to our editing suite to our presentation of evidence through to our court attendance, you can be sure of the highest possible standards throughout our surveillance services.

Our Covert Surveillance Services:

  • Spurious employer liability
  • Personal injury
  • Private health claims
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Staff Absenteeism
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Protection
  • Test purchase
  • Test Penetration