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    Matrimonial investigations

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    Counter Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance

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    Covert Investigations

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    Asset Tracking

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    Trace Enquiries

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Private Investigators, Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield

Welcome to Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd - UK, Europe, Worldwide Specialist Surveillance & Private investigation services

Hindsight Covert Solutions Ltd, as our name suggests we specialise in all aspects of covert surveillance and private investigation with an emphasis on covert video evidence gathering and the presentation of it for Criminal and Civil court proceedings.

Based within the Five Towns area of Pontefract we are ideally situated to serve the entire Yorkshire area as Private Investigators with quick links to Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, York and beyond. We generally operate throughout the UK and pride ourselves on our evidence being of the highest professional standard. We adhere to the latest Government legislation regarding Private Investigation and the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) which was introduced on 25th May 2018.

Covert Surveillance and Private Investigation services include:

  • Covert Surveillance - We select our operators from a variety of specialist Military, Police and Security Service departments, all of whom have a wealth of experience and expertise in the art of covert surveillance and surveillance evidence gathering.
  • Counter Surveillance - includes electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices as well as Counter surveillance software to thwart unwanted attempts by cyber crooks to access computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons
  • Covert Investigations - We can deploy nationally or internationally for tasks varying from short one day tasks involving one or two operators to long term operations involving several operators and multiple teams.
  • Matrimonial Investigations - tailored to suit each individual task, we can impose surveillance upon a suspected cheating spouse/partner to gain video evidence of their supposed in´Čüdelity.
  • Asset Tracking - can be used as a stand alone option or in conjunction with traditional covert surveillance/ counter surveillance methods to monitor the behaviour of an individual/ asset in order to covertly track their/ it’s activity or behaviour.
  • Technical Surveillance - can be used to monitor the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people or locations for the purpose of managing, directing, or protecting them.

We pride ourselves on our evidence being of the highest professional standard and adhere to the latest Government legislation for Private Investigation. Local authority guidelines regarding the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (R.I.P.A ), the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 6 and 8(2) and the Association of British Insurers(A.B.I) guidelines are all considered for each case and strictly adhered to.

Claimed and Shamed, series 1 episode 2.

One of our cases was featured on the BBC television series “Claimed and Shamed”, which featured an insurance fraud that resulted in an individual being found guilty and being sentenced to six months in jail due to our surveillance evidence.